Consultation des Tarifs

Flat rates within the B.A.B. Biarritz – Anglet – Bayonne

From Biarritz, Anglet to Bayonne on the right side of the Adour river, the price is increased by 5 € excepted to the railway station.

From 8 pm to 7 am, as well for sundays and public holidays : 20% more 

For all others destinations you may use the yellow button for simulate and book your trip. I will confirm the availabibity phoning you.

The car and its driver can also be at your disposal for one hour or more.

I will give you a quote for visiting, shopping or going to appointments

Knowledges to have

During the night, payment is processed at the pick-up

During the night especially, a correct behaviour is expected 

All damage and soiling will be invoiced at the price of repair

I can decide wether or not, the customer behaviour matches with a trip in car.

In any case the trip will be invoiced

Any trip canceled while the driver is already coming will be invoiced.

No pets in car, sorry.